Let Club 64 be your guide in Denver, give us a call. 303-816-3322 


New night club just opened off 21st street downtown, 5 blocks from 16th Street Mall.  Best place to smoke early and then late into the night.  Call for details.   Club 64 meets there every Saturday.  Come join us!

Celebrity smoke out with a MJ Celebrity Guest at Vlub 64 - August 22nd 2015

May 19th 2018 - Celebrity - To Be Anounced
  •  Pickup at a Denver downtown location
  • Stop at a Local Recreation Store
  • Tour of the Local Smoker Friendly Bars and Cafes'.
  • Smoke out with ?????? at The House
  • Canna-Lympics - smoke out demonstration
  • Blunt rolling demonstration - with samples
  • Dab rigs available for use
  • Return transportation to a downtown Denver location

Call now for availability and booking your Colorado MJ Celebrity Tour - 303-816-3322