Club 64 can provide access to the MJ social scene in Denver.  Now everyone has a freind in Denver at Club 64.

Call 303-816-3322 for more information


Let Club 64 be your guide in Denver, give us a call. 303-816-3322 




Call to get your guest membership.  Guest membership can paid over the phone using Square, $20 or you can pay $30 in person.  We meet with new members at 4:20pm in down town Denver.  Call for meetup location.  Only one person in your group needs to obtain a guest membership to access club info. The social scene in Denver is at the 420 freindlys bars and night clubs.  Club 64 has a list of seven 420 freindly bars and clubs that you can access by a user and password for the site.  Call today to get the login info!


  Full yearly Membership Includes:

  Event Notification   Membership Card  • Free VIP Specials  

Access to "Spectra Art Space & Tetra Lounge" - List of 420 Friendly Establishments 

Guest Memberships are availible over the phone for $20 or $30 in person

Call for Yearly Membership pricing 

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